Travel tribulations: Get me to Europe!

After Cape Town I had a pretty shitty series of events that transpired on finding my way to Frankfurt. Naturally, some things are bound to go wrong in a 6 month trip, so this is me bitching for the sake of bitching. First, I had to make my way to Johannesburg, in so doing I booked a flight via Expedia to an airport that roughly 30 miles further than JNB, I partially blame this on a hostel I stayed in while in Cape Town, it’s called The Backpack, solid rooms, clean facilities, and a good location, but that’s it. The kitchen was shit, and the WiFi was utter crap. Based on my travels, WiFi is the #1 thing I’d look for, and #2 is a comfortable bed. Without a solid WiFi connection it really makes life on-the-go much harder. Booking hostels, flights, researching things to do, etc all require a solid internet connection, and many hostels fail in this vital area.

I ended up booking the flight with Mango Airlines, to save ~$70 versus a South African Airways flight. When i checked in, the woman at the counter asked me if I was going to Lanseria? I replied politely, no I’m going to Johannesburg, but lo and behold, my Expedia ticket said Lanseria. So at that point I found out that it was roughly 30 miles to my accommodation, versus a free pickup from the airport which my hostel provided. The cost of a cab ended up being more than the price difference saved from flying with Mango.

Lagos Airport: Hell on Earth
Lagos Airport: Hell on Earth

The next morning I made my way to the Johannesburg airport and made my way up to Frankfurt, with a stop in Lagos, Nigeria. Which is by far the worst airport I’ve ever been to in my entire life. It was so run down and dilapidated, I don’t know why any major airline would even stop there. Rain was leaking through the ceilings and the jetway, there was no AC, and it was hot and sticky. I thought I’d be able to escape this hell by leveraging my lounge access via my Business Class ticket, but that wasn’t happening either, I would’ve had to go to the check in desk and go through security all over again in order to obtain a lounge pass since the lounges at this airport are 3rd party operated, and not operated by the airline. Being uber cranky, i went straight to Twitter to complain with Lufthansa/United and Star Alliance. Surprisingly I got an answer quickly, and it only confirmed that I’d have to rot in hell for an hour or two before boarding my flight to Frankfurt.

Finally, after a really nice business class experience with Lufthansa, I landed in Frankfurt, grabbed a shower and breakfast in the lounge and met up a friend from HS, Sebastian, who was born and raised in Germany, but spent a couple of years at Arlington. We hopped on a flight shortly thereafter to Berlin and got our tourist on.

Good Night!
Good Night and Peace Out Lagos!