Tortuga Setout Laptop Bag Review

Tortuga Setout Laptop Bag Review

Tortuga continues to build out the very popular Setout brand with the smallest version of the bunch. Coming in at 25L and a svelt 2.8lbs. The Tortuga Setout Laptop bag is the perfect accessory to your roller board. You can slide it underneath the seat and still have room for your feet to move around. The best part of the bag? It’s a shrunken down version of the Setout at a very reasonable price of $125, while still being able to hold a 15″ computer. This bag is perfect for the majority of my Travel needs. I’ll usually take an Away Bag  with me and then prefer a smaller bag to hold my laptop, the power pack, and a few magazines. This really might be the best combo out there!

I’ve taken the Setout Laptop bag on a few small trips thus far and it didn’t disappoint. I’m really a big fan of the sleek water bottle sleeve and all of the major features that the Setout has surrounding storage. It fits great underneath the seat, and still provides enough legroom for my 6 foot frame. 

It’s also a favorite of my fiance’s now, and it looks like I may have given up the rights to using it on future trips.

If you’re familiar with any of their other products then you can guess that this bag will be a great addition to your travel arsenal.

(Pictures courtesy of Tortuga Backpacks)

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