Tortuga Setout Backpack Review

Looking for a travel bag that can handle a long weekend or maybe even a week on the road? Look no further than the Tortgua Setout, the newest addition to the Tortuga backpack family.

The Tortuga Setout is a maximum sized carry on backpack at 45L. The Setout takes on a lot of the improvements of the Outbreaker from the old V2 pack, and simplifies the pack for those that may not need the organizational pockets and structure of a backpacking pack. If you’re looking for my review on the Tortuga Outbreaker, you can find that here.

What’s Different with the Tortuga Setout vs the Tortuga Outbreaker?

  • The Setout has a full depth half-zip front panel versus two pockets with little room. This is a big improvement over the Outbreaker, those front two pockets had very little utility due to the small amount of space, especially with a full pack.
  • The Setout brings back the hideaway straps, a feature in the V2 I really liked.
  • The Setout can hold a 15″ inch laptop versus 17″ in the Outbreaker. Although in this day and age I don’t know many people traveling with a 17′ laptop.
  • The Setout only comes in one size (45L), versus 35 or 45L for the Outbreaker.
  • The Setout is 3.3 lbs compared to 5.1 lbs for the Outbreaker.

What’s to like about the Tortuga Setout?

  • The Tortuga Setout has kept that large mesh bottle holder on the side to hold a wide variety of water bottles, or possibly even a tripod.
  • The hideaway straps are great in case you’ve packed your bag to the gills and you get the dreaded gate check (we’ve all been there). Although I highly doubt this bag would get gate checked by any agent.
  • Added loops at the top and bottom of the bag to connect additional items you’ve collected in your travels (either via a carabiner, or some other kind of tie down).
Images Courtesy of Tortuga Backpacks

What’s not to like about the Tortuga Setout?

*I haven’t taken the bag on a trip yet, so this is speculation.

  • This bag isn’t for long term travel. I’m not sure it has the internal support/padding that the Outbreaker has when carrying a heavy load.
  • Less organizational pockets than the Outbreaker (I can’t decide if this is a negative or positive)

Should I buy the Tortuga Setout?

In short yes, I think this is a great gift for the budding traveler at an affordable $199.

Since the bag doesn’t have quite the organization that the Outbreaker has, you might want to add in the Setout packing cubes. I have used these cubes for a number of trips now and couldn’t be happier with them.

It may not be the best bag for the seasoned world traveler, but for that minimalist someone in your life that takes long weekend trips and wants to avoid checking bags, the Tortuga Setout is a great addition! I still prefer the Outbreaker if I had to choose between the two mainly because of the structure of the pack and adjustable straps/support.

Here are a few shots of the Setout packed and ready to go for a 2 day work trip.

I packed the following, giving the new Setout Packing Cubes a try.

Overall I thought the pack worked well, and didn’t hurt my back, or feel too cumbersome.

The Tortuga Setout Day pack is a nice addition to your arsenal. It’s similar to the original outbreaker daypack and is perfect for taking some smaller things on a hike, or your day parading around the city. It has a small zippered pocket in the front to hold your keys/cell phone/wallet for quick access. It also has a side pocket for a water bottle.For $39 you really can’t go wrong. I also like having it rolled up in my pack as an insurance policy for more room. It’s also convenient on the plane to throw under your seat for any of the items you want quick access to.

Happy Travels!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is a 100% genuine review. If you want to help support me, please book through my links).

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