Standard Luggage Pack Review

I recently brought the Standard Luggage carry-on pack with me for a long weekend away in London and the pack did not disappoint. I was able to bring a few warmer outfits, with room to spare. The pack is pretty standard in terms of feature sets. I’m not sure I’d put it in the best pack I’ve ever had, but for $180 you get a good bang for your buck.

The Standard Luggage 35L pack is a great, cost effective pack for your travel needs, and is standard carry on for most airlines.

Fits in most overhead bins

In terms of storage there are two front facing smaller pockets, perfect for anything you want quick access to, like your passport, boarding pass, or e-reader.

The interior has two compression straps, with plenty of room to hold your clothes and dopp kitt. At the bottom of the pack is a small zipper that you can use to store your cables and keep them organized.

The pack opens fully for easy packing, and has a smaller internal zippered pocket that you might want to keep your more valuable documents while traveling.

Another feature that is really easy to implement but I haven’t seen a whole lot of in other packs, is the safety whistle that’s attached to the chest strap. So if you’re in a precarious position it’s readily available, and you don’t have to go fumbling for it.

The pack can comfortably fit a 15″ laptop, and i really dug the internal removable padded system to hold the laptop, including a smaller pocket to hold an ipad. In this area there is also two more zippered pockets, presumably for more cords/chargers for your devices. If you decide you don’t want to take a laptop you can remove the padded protection and gain more room for something else.

Overall it could use more padding in the straps and better suspension, especially if you’re carrying a heavy load. For someone of my frame, 6’0″, 210lbs, I was able to carry ~30 lbs no problem.

If you’re traveling with a rollerboard bag there’s also a handy slot to slide the pack onto the handle, which is a feature I’ve grown to expect from bags at this point and really love the feature.


I don’t think I’d take this pack on a 3+ month trip, but then again any pack this size isn’t suited for that. That’s where I’d rely on a pack ~$300+ with a hiking style suspension system. If you’re going on a trip of 3-7 days I think you’ll be just fine. It’s especially suited to accompany a rollerboard if you’re bringing a computer.

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