To Infinity and Beyond!

I wanted to share my rough Itinerary, as this is subject to change, but you’ll get the general idea in case you want to join me in my adventure or have any must see/tips along the way!

I’ll update this as much as possible, and share plenty of pictures and my experiences from far and wide.

  • 11/13: NYC to Tokyo
  • 11/14 Land in Tokyo
    • I still haven’t planned much of this, so all suggestions are welcome…Areas to stay, places to see etc.
  • 11/21 Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh where I’ll meet up with my buddy and travel partner Erik Wolff
    • Travel up through Vietnam eventually ending in Hanoi area.
  • 12/21 meet up with some more NYC Jamokes (Steve, Eric, Sumit, and Mike) for a Thailand tour
    • Krabi (Ao Nang), Koh Phi Phi, Patong Beach, Koh Phangnan for Full Moon Party/NYE (Where my friends Dave and hopefully Adam join the festivities), then Ko Tao for a couple days.
  • ~1/7 Thailand to Indonesia or Philippines with Wolff
  • 1/21 Singapore on my own
  • 1/23 fly to Perth
  • ~1/25 fly to Melbourne just in time for Australia Day, and meet up with my buddy Dan coming from NYC, and head up the east coast to Sydney, Brisbane and maybe Cairns depending on time.
  • New Zealand at some point for 2 weeks
  • 3/12 Perth to Johannesburg
    • 2 weeks doing Kruger National Park and Cape Town
  • 3/27 Johannesburg to Frankfurt where I’ll use my friend Sebby’s place as basecamp.
    • Visit Eastern/Mediterranean Europe
      • Germany
      • Turkey
      • Greece
      • Hungary
      • Czech Repbulic
      • Romania? Bulgaria?
  • 4/24 Frankfurt to Lisbon
    • Portugal and possibly some of southern spain?
  • 5/15 Lisbon to Miami

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