Using Shopping Portals to Maximize your Points and Cashback

We all make purchases online. The question is how do I maximize my purchases to earn points and cashback? With a few extra clicks you could be earning anywhere from 1-20% cash back. Or point multipliers of 1-20x (with points being worth anywhere from .7-2 cents per point, that’s equivalent of .7% to 40% back) for no extra fee! It’s a no brainer, and should be the first step you make before making a purchase.

There are a few aggregators that I have used over the years, Cashback Monitor and EVreward.

Cashback Monitor is my #1 right now, I’ve found it to be more robust than EVrewards. Plus you can input your own valuations for points/miles which can prove very helpful.

The Search Results will bring back a slew of different rates and options, at this point it’s up to you to decide what your best option for banking the cashback or points is. One thing to note with the bank cash back options, is that you have to use the respective card to earn the cashback. For instance, if I click on the Ultimate Rewards portal I’d have to use my Chase card to earn the points, and I couldn’t use an American Express card there.

For beginner’s it’s probably best to stick to ~2-3 cashback portals, that way you can keep track of your transactions. If you’re looking to really maximize your value then it makes sense to make purchases with whatever provides the best cash back value. The cashback percentages fluctuate, so check back often. One thing to note, that I haven’t seem to have had any issues with, is that if you use a coupon code it could invalidate the cash back you receive via the portal. Generally I’ve been able to stack coupons with the portal percentages. Most portals have a list of coupons that are vetted by the retailer you’re shopping with, but don’t be afraid to stack with some more less known coupons to really stack the deck in your favor.

Here are a number of cashback portals I use.

Note: I may receive a signup bonus for you using these links, so it’s much appreciated if you could use them. As noted with some of these links, you’ll also get a little something for signing up as well.

  • Befrugal (You should get $10 after your first purchase)
  • Splender (You get $5 if you sign up and make a purchase of $50 or more)
  • Topcashback (You should get $10 after your first purchase)
  • Mr Rebates
  • ebates (You should get $10 after your first purchase)
  • iconsumer (Now provides cashback in the form of bitcoin if that’s your thing)
  • Extrabux (You should get $5 when you sign up)
  • Giving Assistant  (You should get $5 when you sign up)
  • Lemoney
A screenshot of my favorite cashback aggregator: Cashback Monitor

If you have an ad-blocker on your web browser you’ll want to make sure it’s turned off for the cashback portals, as well as the sites you’re clicking through to make a purchase, as it may affect ability to track those purchases. Purchases can take anywhere from 1 week, to upwards of 6-8 weeks depending on the portal and the retailer to register your purchase as a valid purchase that they’re willing to pay out on. When you check your account in 6 months you’ll most likely see a nice chunk of change waiting for you.

I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in cash back just by utilizing these portals, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to as well, it’s definitely changed the way I shop, as I’d much rather earn the extra percentage via online shopping, than brick and mortar shopping. This is a must for any beginner travel hacker looking to pad their wallets or their frequent flyer accounts.