Rickey Being Rickey

Rickey Henderson is amazing, and the G.O.A.T when it comes to a base stealer and leadoff hitter. He is well known for his antics on and off the field.

Rickey Henderson Signed Base in Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame
Henderson signed this base after he broke Fukomoto’s record of SB’s set in Japan

Rickey was never known as a modest man. Moments after breaking Lou Brock’s stolen base record, Henderson told the crowd – with Brock mere feet next to him – “Lou Brock was a great base stealer, but today, I am the greatest of all-time.”

I got a kick out of seeing this item at the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame, located in NW Tokyo, at the stadium where the Yomiuri Giants play. This base was given to Yutaka Fukumoto when he broke the all time steals record of 1066 in 1993, Lou Brock had 939. Ricky ended his career with 1406. A record that may stand the test of time.