My Day Trip to Hakone

So two days ago I decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and take a 90 min train ride southwest of Tokyo to Hakone.

The weather forecast looked good so I booked a 7:28 train to make sure I could take advantage of the whole day if I needed it. I purchased a Hakone Freepass which provided me with a round trip ticket to Hakone from Tokyo, and all transportation in and around Hakone. Of which that included a bus ride, a boat ride (in a pseudo pirate ship none the less), and a cable car ride and a train ride. All for $50, not too shabby.

The highlight of the Hakone, and truly the main reason why I went, was to get a view of Mt Fuji, which can be seen from certain vantage points on clear days. Lucky for me, it was a beautiful clear day, although a bit cold and windy as I increased in elevation.

The first leg of the trip was a bus ride to Lake Ashi, where upon arriving the temperature dropped about 10 degrees due to the aforementioned elevation increase. From there I took a stroll around town and got a bowl of Udon Soup to warm me up.

Udon Soup
Udon Soup at Lake Ashi

After some sustenance I made my way to the pirate ship…

Pirate Ship on Lake Ashi
My Pirate Ship on Lake Ashi
Tobias Funke Pirate
Unfortunately Tobias was nowhere to be found on the boat

It was quite cold on the lake, but I wanted to make sure I got some good shots.

Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji from Lake Ashi


From here I took a cable car further up the mountain to Ōwakudani, an active volcanic area where they cook hard boiled eggs in the Volcanic Hot Springs. In my guide book it said each egg you eat adds 5 years to your life. I had 4 over the span of two days, so you do the math.  They don’t taste any different than a regular hard boiled egg, the only difference is that the shell is black, and they charge $5 for 5 eggs. Sounds like a tourist trap if you ask me, and it got me, hook, line and sinker.

Black Egg from Ōwakudani
Kuro-tamago from Ōwakudani


Up in Owakudani it was even windier. I’d say 30-40mph winds at an elevation of close to 1000m as you can see by my jacket below, so the temperature dropped to a crisp 30-40 degrees. However I had to get my shot with Fuji in the background.

Mt Fuji from Owakudani
Me and Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji from Owakudani
Mt Fuji from Owakudani

From there I called it a day, if it was nicer I would’ve made a trip to the open air museum they have, which showcases some Picasso sculptures.

All in all it was a great day, and I highly recommend this day trip to anyone in the Tokyo area!

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