Roast Pig Knuckle for breakfast

Continuing our German tour we made our way to Munich for a couple of days. This time we had accommodation with Seb’s girlfriend’s sister, who was nice enough to put us up for free! Munich is the polar opposite of Berlin. It’s a very old, conservative city, with a homogenous population, and a very walkable city. While Berlin is a vast, modernized city, with a very diverse population.

Bavarian Breakfast
Bavarian Breakfast

Our first morning had us up pretty early for a Bavarian breakfast. What is that you ask? Boiled white sausage(Weisswurst), a specialty in Bavaria, along with pretzels and mustard, and of course beer, a hefeweizen to be exact. Seb explained to me that this might not be something popular in the states, but very popular amongst the people of Bavaria. Next stop on the Bavaria tour had us continue the beer theme with a stop at one of the beer gardens in the English Gardens, essentially, Munich’s Central Park. After some more sightseeing around the city we made our way to the Hoffbrau House, a famous beer hall in the city, where I met up with a friend from my NZ trip, and we caught up over some more beers.

The following day we went back to the same restaurant, and got one of the best meals thus far on my trip. That meal is Schweinhaxe, which is roasted pig knuckle with these potato dumplings, accompanied by the Jus of the pig, with of course another beer. After that we rolled our way out of the restaurant to make our way on another free Sandemans tour, this one wasn’t as interesting as the Berlin tour, but it was definitely informative, and I’d suggest taking the tour if you have the time. Most of the city had been bombed in WWII, but the city looks like nothing happened, as they have done a remarkable job in restoring the city back to what it looked like before the wars. Both tour guides gave us a solid background in Nazi history, but didn’t delve too far into the details. Since it’s such a major part of Germany’s history, they couldn’t merely glance over it, but for those really interested in the Third Reich, both cities offered tours specifically to those aspects of Germany.

To close out the night we met up with a few of Seb’s friends at a pub who live in Munich and caught the 1st leg of the Champions League match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. The result was a 1-1 tie, not what the Munich crowd was looking for, but a fun night none the less.

Our final day was a tour of the BMW museum and BMW World, along with a trip up to the Olympic tower for a view of the city, and the Olympic grounds of the 1972 Olympics. The BMW museum was pretty cool, and any car enthusiast would really love it! BMW World, is a free exhibit of all of the new models, and a couple of the electronic prototypes. While they look cool, they still aren’t feasible. I believe the range on their electronic cars was roughly 50 miles?