Maldives to NYC Error Fare – $100 One Way!

Maldives Error Fare

This is an error fare that isn’t sure to last long. Availability is wide open for one-way flights from the Maldives (MLE) to NYC (JFK) through the end of November on Emirates Airlines for $102 for a one way flight with an economy flex ticket, versus the average price of $1700 for the same ticket.

I booked a flight over Thanksgiving just in case. I’ll worry about finding a flight there, hopefully in business or first on the way there with a points redemption. Emirates is supposed to have a great economy product.

To be honest, I’d be surprised if Emirates honors the fares, but I did luck out on Etihad with a RT flight back in December 2014 when I booked a $325 error fare flight to South Africa.

Remember you have up to 24 hours to cancel if you want some time for plans to formulate. For itineraries booked on Emirate’s U.S. website involving flights to or from the U.S., where the booking is made at least a week before departure, you may request a refund within 24 hours of booking without penalty.


Note: Emirates cancelled the flight on 5/18, but then reversed their decision, and are honoring the tickets. So it looks like I’m going to the Maldives! 🙂