Ha Long Bay

The day after thanksgiving we took a 2 night 3 day trip to Ha Long Bay. It’s roughly a 3.5 hour bumpy bus ride from Hanoi, but definitely worth it. Of all the places in Vietnam, maybe even SE Asia, I was most looking forward to this. I’ve seen plenty of pictures, but words can’t describe how beautiful this place is. If you’ve been to the south of Thailand you may have an idea of what the Limestone Karsts look like dotting the ocean. This is 1000x better and a must see for anyone. I could post all of the pictures I took, but they really don’t do this place justice.

Ha Long Bay is a Unesco World Heritage site, and most recently one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Ha Long translated into english means descending dragons.

We spent a night on a boat in the bay, and then a night on an island owned by the hostel. It was great to get away from the noise and chaos of Hanoi and relax for a few days in a truly stunning part of the world.