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After Nha Trang we made our way to Hanoi. Hanoi was also quite hectic, similar to Saigon, but a little more backpacker friendly. The streets had more of an old world feel to them, and there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. […]

Saigon at Night

The final segment of the Saigon tour was to get an idea of what Saigon became at night. Our guesthouse was located in Section 1, specifically off of Bui Vien Street, which is the backpackers area. We spent 4 nights there and didn’t venture out […]

Good Morning Vietnam

The itinerary for the weekend was pretty relaxed in Saigon. 1.) Check out the Reunification Palace 2.) Check out the War Remnants Museum 3.) Day trip to the Cu Chi tunnels for an organized tour 4.) Check out the nightlife of Saigon. 5.) Tour the […]