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India is a polarizing country there’s no doubt about that. In the months leading up to my trip I spoke with friends, family, and colleagues about the trip. Some looked at me with wonderment, asking me why I’d ever want to go to India on […]


Following a sub-par day in Santiago I was up early in the morning for a 90 minute bus ride to Valparaíso. Much of what I heard of Valparaíso was validated shortly after arriving. It’s a beautiful, small, sea-side city built into the hillside, with colored corrugated tin houses and street […]

Driving the Garden Route

Following a wonderful 4 days in Cape Town and checking off a major bucket list item, it was time to explore the Western Cape via the Garden Route. We set off early in the morning without a concrete destination, except for a vague understanding that we wanted to […]

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Almost a year to the day I spent 2 weeks in South Africa on my round the world trip. I had a great time relaxing and living like a king in Cape Town, however, there was one activity I wasn’t able to check off my bucket […]

Large Crab Claws from Joe's Stone Crab in Miami, Florida

Joe’s Stone Crab

For those that didn’t get my inside scoop to Miami and Sunny Isles in part 1, check it out here. As I mentioned in that post, I’ve been coming to Miami for the past 25+ years. Each and every year it’s my duty to make […]

My Miami

A few weeks ago I spent 10 days down at my family’s apartment in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. I’ve been coming to Miami ever since I can remember. My grandparents moved to North Miami Beach/Sunny Isles in the 1970’s, and when they passed away in […]


After a few wonderful days in Seville, it was off to some of the coastal towns that dot the southern coast of Spain. First stop was Cadiz. This is a wonderful quaint port town, and one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. In terms of […]

A Lisbon Funicular (Street Car)


After a quick jaunt to Dublin, it was back to Lisbon, this time to explore the city with a partner in crime. Upon arrival in Lisbon we were greeted with a beautiful, warm sunny day. Quite the opposite from what we experienced 24 hours earlier. We […]