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Getting out of Kuta

As i previously mentioned in the first half about Bali, I needed out, sooner rather than later. The following morning after my Bali Belly disaster I ended up splitting a cab with a couple people I met at the hostel and we took a 90 […]

7-11 Ham and Cheese Toasties

Like Tokyo, Thailand has an abundance of convenience stores, specifically, 7-11’s. This is a solid place to grab a couple of large Chang beers to get the night started, or even keep the night going. While the cheap beer was nice, the main draw for […]


We spent roughly a week in Laos, I was truly torn as to whether or not I wanted to go. I was itching to get some beach time in, but the weather forecast for the west coast of Thailand wasn’t great. Meanwhile, the forecast for […]


After Nha Trang we made our way to Hanoi. Hanoi was also quite hectic, similar to Saigon, but a little more backpacker friendly. The streets had more of an old world feel to them, and there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. […]