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After a few wonderful days in Seville, it was off to some of the coastal towns that dot the southern coast of Spain. First stop was Cadiz. This is a wonderful quaint port town, and one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. In terms of […]

A Lisbon Funicular (Street Car)


After a quick jaunt to Dublin, it was back to Lisbon, this time to explore the city with a partner in crime. Upon arrival in Lisbon we were greeted with a beautiful, warm sunny day. Quite the opposite from what we experienced 24 hours earlier. We […]

Pint of Guinness from Guinness factory in Dublin

Oh Goodness, my Guinness

Upon finishing a thrilling ride on the Autobahn, I made my way on to Lisbon for a night via Frankfurt before heading to Dublin for the weekend. This was the second-to-last business class flight on my RTW trip, and boy was it shitty. Lufthansa’s European business class […]

Franz Kafka Statues outside of the Kafka museum in Prague


Finishing up my Eastern European tour, I had 4 days to spend over Easter weekend in Prague. This may have not have been the best time to visit, as I was later told that it is the busiest weekend of the year in Prague. Therefore […]

Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna


Following a wonderful few days in Budapest, I left the city on a sour note. For those that don’t know how a lot of european public transport works, you purchase a ticket, but it doesn’t become valid until you stick it in a little box that […]

Lion on chain bridge in Budapest


Upon landing in Budapest late at night, weary from a long day of traveling, and not sleeping well, the first thing I did upon arriving in Budapest after checking in? I of course went to the bar! I really had no expectations for Budapest. Some […]

Elizabeth Tower


With Turkey in the rearview mirror I set course for London, the plan here was to meet up with Seb once again since he had a work engagement at Heathrow for the weekend, so the original plan was for me to fly to London via Frankfurt, […]

Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey


An early AM departure out of Istanbul meant that our group of six had a full day to explore Cappadocia, specifically the town of Goreme, which is roughly an hour drive from the Kayseri airport. The main draw of this area is the landscape specifically […]

Mid-air jumping picture on a roof in Istanbul


With Germany out-of-the-way, it was off to Turkey, with little to no itinerary, except for the fact that I knew I had to come in and out of Istanbul. I arrived late in the evening and hit the sack immediately. Upon waking up, I was […]

Arbeit Macht Frei at Dachau

Dachau Concentration Camp

To round-up the first leg of my Germany travels I wanted to make sure I got to spend a few hours at a concentration camp, no matter how sobering of an experience it may be. Seb rented a car and we made our way to Dachau, which is […]