Cape Town – A Second Time Around

My second time around in Cape Town wasn’t as long as my first trip, but I figured 4 days would suffice. We stayed at the Hippo Boutique, which was a great hotel right around the corner from the hostel I stayed in on my first trip. I knew the neighborhood well, and figured it would be a great fit for us to get out and see everything we needed to see.

Our first day started out pretty wet, but we were determined to get a start to the day, and went to Kirstenbosch Gardens. A trip to the botanical gardens is typically not my thing, but I went along with the group and thought it was alright, probably not something I’d do again though. The rain subsided and we made our way to the V&A waterfront and perused some of the markets there. The food market was quite good, and there’s an artists market with a lot of cool stuff in the eastern part the waterfront that I’d highly suggest checking out.

We then jumped on the hop-on-hop-off bus and made our way around Cape Town to give Amanda a good lay of the land. This was not a good day for checking out Table Mountain since the Cable Car was closed due to high winds. Our double-decker bus was shaking due to the winds, so that’s probably a good call on their part.

To end our first night we had received a tip from someone who lived in South Africa that we should check out Myoga for their 7 course tasting menu, and we were not disappointed. The meal was fantastic, and our sommelier expertly paired the wines with our meal. The exchange rate is an absolute steal, we ended up paying $50 per person for this experience. After we were fully satiated we made our way to Long Street to check out the bar scene and cozied up around a table at Beerhouse. I had this amazingly spicy Apple-Ginger Beer by the Dragon Brewing Company that I still dream about to this day.

The following day we took the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, because quite frankly I’m too lazy to do that hike and walked around the top of the mountain collecting in the views of Cape Town and the surrounding areas of Hout Bay and Muizenberg along the far side of the mountain.

For lunch we made our way back to Long Street and grabbed a couple of delicious burgers at Royale. If you’re in the mood for some inventive flavors in your burger, this is your place. Dinner was at Nobu since a friend of mine is a sous chef at the restaurant in San Diego, and we figured with the exchange rate we’d be able to snag a ‘good deal’. The sushi wasn’t anything special, but the other dishes were nice. I wouldn’t suggest going here while you’re in Cape Town, there’s plenty of other cheaper fare to be found. Since it was St Patricks Day we couldn’t avoid a few drinks out on the town. We downed some Irish Car Bombs at the Dubliner on Long Street, and then made our way to the Kloof St. House for some cocktails.

We called it an early night since we had a long day ahead of us with a trip to the Cape of Good Hope and Shark Cage Diving ahead of us. For those that want a more in-depth look into our Shark Cage diving experience I suggest you read the link. To end the night, we had dinner at Society Bistro in the Gardens. At that point Amanda and I went our separate ways from Dave and Juliette. They were off to Kruger National Park, and we were off to explore the Garden Route.

All in all my time in Cape Town was a blast! Much more so than when I went there by myself. Right now the exchange rate is absurd, so this is a must-do vacation for anyone thinking about checking South Africa off their bucket list.

Next time I come back to Cape Town I’m going to have to plan it way in advance and secure a reservation at the Test Kitchen, which is ranked as the top restaurant in Africa, and one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. I tried getting a reservation there 3 months in advance and I didn’t have any luck.