I was lucky enough to have, not one, but two friends who live in Brisbane. I was put up for a couple of nights, and got to decompress and sort of live the life as if I was living in Brisbane. I was staying with a friend by the name of Dara, who also went to UD, and is good friends with my old roommate Dave. The other buddy I have there is someone who recently lived with me in NYC on a rugby exchange program over the winter and was born and raised in Brisbane. The city itself is pretty expansive and the one thing I noticed instantly is the amount of people who are so active at all hours of the day. In fact that’s even something mentioned in the guidebook I read after the fact.

Dara was an amazing host and gave me a great tour of Brisbane. We took a nice bike ride along the river and had a nice little BBQ. Something that Australia seems to have all over are gas operated public barbecues, which definitely wouldn’t fly in the states, as I’m sure they would be abused or vandalized at some point or another. We rode bikes to the top of Mount Coot Tha, which was a pretty tough bike ride up a serious incline, but the reward was a great view of the city, along with a high speed trip back down the hill.

We also had a nice game of bowls, which is a game similar to Bocce, but can be played with a lot more people. Additionally the balls are a little different than Bocce, as one side is heavier than the other, and the ball will curl towards the heavy side as you roll it. A few ciders and a couple games of bowls was the perfect Sunday activity. I really want to bring this game to the states, so keep your eye out a NYC Bowls coming soon.

Another day Seann, took me around for the nitty gritty tour of Brisbane, and that was really cool to get a look on the city from a native, and in true Aussie fashion, another amazing host. While out to dinner I got my first glance at the bats in Australia. And like everything else, these things are just massive. They are about the size of a seagull, and really nasty looking.

All in all I really enjoyed my time in Brisbane, as it was great to get some perspective on one of the major Australian cities. It’s definitely a city I could live in, but in terms of tourism, it doesn’t have much, but don’t let that stop you from making a visit.