Bangkok Dangerous

In honor of the late Nicholas Cage I have titled this post by what might claim his greatest movie in a vast resume of cinematic gold.

Erik and I took a 2 hour ferry from Ko Tao to Chumporn, and from there a 7 hour bus ride to Bangkok. I was a little nervous to head into Bangkok due to the protests, and I had been there previously and didn’t think much of the city. However, it did present me with a cheap transport option down to Indonesia, so I bit the bullet and went for the ride.

We got a hotel close to Kao Sahn Road which is the backpackers area, and also close by to where our bus dropped us off. Making our way to the hotel we walked right through the protest, which had a Occupy NY type feel, similar to Zucotti park. So of course, with my desire to avoid the protest as much as possible, we found ourselves 5 minutes from a major rally point. Word is that they are looking to shut down the city by blocking the major traffic arteries throughout the city. So I made sure to make it a quick 2 nights in Bangkok and get out of dodge before it got to hairy.

I remember in my last trip to Bangkok finding it very difficult to find bug vendors, however this time around Khao San Road was full of vendors selling all kinds of bugs, tuk yuk drivers hassling you for rides, ping pong show touts, and tailors looking to sell you a cheaply made suit. If I never had to go back to Bangkok I’d be a happy man.

The hotel we stayed in was quite nice, so that was a good departure from the norm, but it was a quick in and out trip and now I’m on my way to Bali for 9-10 days where I’m looking forward to some R&R, and hopefully a lot of surfing. It’s on the tail end of their high season, and also the rainy season, so I’m hoping I luck out with the weather. At this point Erik and I have parted ways and I’ll be handling the next 3-4 months on my own for the most part. Stonge is meeting me in Australia for 2 weeks and then I’ll truly be on my own. While it was great to have a travel partner for the past 6 weeks, I think it’ll be a good experience to have a few months of travel on my own and see where the road takes me.

(This was written before the bombing happened, but posted after the fact. So clearly it has gotten quite hairy in Bangkok and glad I left when I did.)

For those that made it all the way down here, Nicholas Cage is indeed alive and well, and still makes awful movies, but is quite adept in losing his shit.