7-11 Ham and Cheese Toasties

Like Tokyo, Thailand has an abundance of convenience stores, specifically, 7-11’s. This is a solid place to grab a couple of large Chang beers to get the night started, or even keep the night going. While the cheap beer was nice, the main draw for Schwartz, Wolff, and myself was the Ham and Cheese Toastie. One might think, what’s the big deal? I had the same initial thoughts when Wolff brought it up in the Bangkok airport, but conservative estimates put me around 30 ham and cheese toasties during my time in Thailand, however that number could easily be higher.

It’s a really simple concept, Ham, Cheese, Bread, throw it in a sandwich press and 3 minutes later, a $1 tasty treat. There were 3 iterations of this culinary delight, ham and cheese sandwich, ham and cheese croissant, and the 2 pack of ham and cheese mini croissant’s. I of course sampled all of these and I think I’d go with the croissant as my #1 seed. I’m actually happy I couldn’t read the nutritional information since it was in Thai, or else that may have decreased the toastie consumption. In all of the beach towns (Ko Phi Phi, Ko Phangnan, Ko tao) by 1 AM you’ll be lucky to find a toastie on the shelf. In fact I even heard stories of guys going in and buying 5-10 toasties at a time later in the evenings. The question begs, why aren’t the available in the states? The world will never know, but 7-11 must be killing it.

In other news it looks like the 7-11 Ham and Cheese Toastie has a fan page on FB.

(image courtesy of Thai Food in Thailand)