$400 Flight Deal to South America

$400 Fare to South America from NYC

To close out 2015 I pulled the trigger on an amazing flight deal to South America.

NYC > Santiago – 3 nights in Santiago

Santiago > Rio De Janeiro – 6 nights in Rio De Janeiro

Rio> Iguazu Falls, Brazil – 1 day

Iguazu Falls > Layover in Lima > NYC

The cost for all of these flights? $400! How? I follow The Flight Deal and Secret Flying religiously, so much so that I set up an IFFTT recipe to notify me on every flight deal out of NYC that The Flight Deal and Secret Flying post.

If you’re a reader of my blog you’ll also know this helped me snag a $325 flight to South Africa as well.

Back in 2012 before I really got into travel hacking I took a similar trip with a couple more flights NYC>Lima>Cusco>Buenos Aires>Rio>Iguazu>NYC over xmas/nye for $2800. There’s no way I’d pay that much for flights again, it certainly would be a killer itinerary to book with points though!

My time in Chile was short and sweet. I ended up spending 1 night in Santiago and 2 nights in Valparaiso (~90 minutes from Santiago).

Santiago didn’t really impress me to be honest. We took a bike tour of the city for a couple of hours and explored a large portion of the city, but overall it was lacking an energy that I would be seeking from a city of that size.  There were some nice parks, but that isn’t enough to win my heart. Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time, but for me it served as a gateway to South America, and it isn’t somewhere that I’d want to go back to. Granted, it’s a nicer city than Lima, which is another South American flight hub, but just about any major city is nicer than Lima.

Stay tuned for additional posts from my South American adventure. Valparaiso, Rio De Janeiro, and Iguazu Falls!

If you have any other methods or sources to keep up-to-date on flight deals reach out to me, I’d love to hear about them.