4 months in!

So at this point, it’s been 4 months since I picked up everything and hit the pause button on my life in NYC, and decided to go out and see the world to satiate my wanderlust.

With cheap SIM cards, and pretty consistent internet connections along the way it really has made my departure from friends and family something a lot easier to deal with. Having friends join my adventure along the way has made it even better.

Since I left on November 13th I’ve been to the following countries:

Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

That currently leaves me at 22 countries and counting, and 30 before 30 is still on track.

I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself on the trip, met a lot of great people, and had a bunch of amazing experiences along the way.

At this point if I had to rate my top countries on the trip It’d go as follows…

1. Australia
2. Vietnam
3. Japan (might be higher if I had more time, and saw more of the country)
4. Thailand
5. New Zealand

Experiential highlights of the trip would be the following…

• Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
• Mt Fuji via Hakone
• New Zealand’s amazing landscapes
• Flying in a helicopter to a glacier, and hiking said glacier
• Tongariro Crossing Hike
• Mai Chau
• Ha Long Bay
• The madness of Saigon and Hanoi
• Whitehaven Beach
• Bondi Beach
• Consistently being able to catch waves while surfing, albeit small waves.

I’m still working on planning out the rest of my trip, but it looks a lot like this, details will eventually solidify, but all tips are welcome!

Fly to Johannesburg and then immediately go to Madikwe Game Reserve for a 2 day safari.
~ 1 week in Cape Town and probably take a bus back up along the east coast to Johannesburg.
~ 1 week in Germany touring the country with my German tour guide Sebastian, an old friend from HS.
~ 5-7 days in Turkey – hoping to hit up Istanbul and Cappadocia
– Weekend in London
~10 day bus tour of Eastern Europe via Frankfurt through Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and back to Frankfurt
– Weekend in Dublin
~ 5 days in Portugal
~ One week in either Southwestern Spain or Greece.
– Fly to Miami for a wedding in South Florida and then eventually back to NYC for Memorial Day weekend.
– Find a Job back in NYC (I’m hoping that doesn’t take too long!)

O and P.S.

I’m going on a freaking Safari today!!!!!!!!!