Cheap Eats in Singapore

The next, and final stop on the SE Asia circuit was the Country/State of Singapore. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the country as a whole, but one thing that kept floating to the top, the food. I had 2-3 days to experience Singapore, and that’s […]

Getting out of Kuta

As i previously mentioned in the first half about Bali, I needed out, sooner rather than later. The following morning after my Bali Belly disaster I ended up splitting a cab with a couple people I met at the hostel and we took a 90 […]

Business Class RTW Ticket

My $350 Business Class RTW Ticket

I’ve had a number of people ask me about some of the more nitty-gritty details of my trip, most specifically, how did i manage to snag a business class RTW ticket? Well it’s easy. Credit card points, lots and lots of credit card points! Those […]

Surfs Up in Bali

With roughly 10 days to play around with, Erik and I decided to part ways and I made my way down to Bali. All in all it cost me $160 to get from Bangkok, to Bali and then Bali on to Singapore where I was […]

Bangkok Dangerous

In honor of the late Nicholas Cage I have titled this post by what might claim his greatest movie in a vast resume of cinematic gold. Erik and I took a 2 hour ferry from Ko Tao to Chumporn, and from there a 7 hour […]

7-11 Ham and Cheese Toasties

Like Tokyo, Thailand has an abundance of convenience stores, specifically, 7-11’s. This is a solid place to grab a couple of large Chang beers to get the night started, or even keep the night going. While the cheap beer was nice, the main draw for […]

Thailand Beaches Continued

To continue our tour of the beaches of Southern Thailand we made our way from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket, specifically, Patong Beach. I had been there once before with the PK crew, and spent 3 nights there. I swore to myself I’d never go […]

The Beaches of Southern Thailand

After a night in Vientiane, Laos we spent a couple of low key nights in Ko Lanta before the calvary came. We stayed at a nice beachfront resort in the town of Long Beach and didn’t do much but soak up the sun. It’s really […]


We spent roughly a week in Laos, I was truly torn as to whether or not I wanted to go. I was itching to get some beach time in, but the weather forecast for the west coast of Thailand wasn’t great. Meanwhile, the forecast for […]

Mai Chau Road Bike

Here’s a quick clip of some of the scenery on my bike ride in Mai Chau

Motorbiking in Mai Chau

Another ‘day’ trip from Hanoi landed us in Mai Chau. From everything we could understand Mai Chau was described as a ‘mini Sapa’ but closer in proximity to Hanoi, and with consistently better weather. Sapa is ~10 hours away, while Mai Chau is ~4 hours […]

Ha Long Bay

The day after thanksgiving we took a 2 night 3 day trip to Ha Long Bay. It’s roughly a 3.5 hour bumpy bus ride from Hanoi, but definitely worth it. Of all the places in Vietnam, maybe even SE Asia, I was most looking forward […]


After Nha Trang we made our way to Hanoi. Hanoi was also quite hectic, similar to Saigon, but a little more backpacker friendly. The streets had more of an old world feel to them, and there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. […]